Not all assignments fit these pricing guidelines. For jobs that fall outside these basic parameters, I will give you estimates and/or written proposals

We hear you

I listen to your needs and desires and am totally committed to providing excellent value to every client … excellent¬† quality at a VERY fair price

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s on your mind. I’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you personally. Until then, here are some things that most folks like to know


What happens if I go over an hour?

I’ll let the client know about how much time it will take to complete the agreed assignment and will cover the expected costs in advance. If we go 20 to 25 minutes over an hour there is no longer an extra charge.

Can I get finished prints and canvas?

Yes. Most clients want a good number of jpg files for their own use. For those who want framed prints, canvas, and metal prints, I provide a complete selection and will provide pricing based on client desires. 





Is there an extra charge for studio time

NO extra charge for studio work. Typically I can do a project much faster and therefore at a lower cost in the studio than on the customer premise. I allow for a 1/2 hour of driving time to the client location.

Do you provide social media ready material?

Yes! That is my specialty. Pricing above is for finished video with edits. I provide the finished video files to the client to use for their own purpose. The clients may request corrective edits for which I provide a quick responce.

Many client want special creative edits to suit a variety of social media needs on Facebok, Instagram, YouTube Video Channels and website. Based on the scope of the clients requirements I quote up-charge prices